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Project Introduction

Here's your chance to fulfill your parts supply fantasies. My company is buying a CNC router that can fabricate parts in wood, metal and plastics. This means I will have the ability to fabricate replacement parts for Naka-decks and other gear.

So start making a wish list, and let's figure out what kind of spare parts I can make,

My new CNC router has a digitizer and also uses Vectris software. So, I can digitize and replicate existing parts or use 3D CAD files.

Kermit Gray

Wish List

Description Part number
Azimuth/zenith adjusting plastic gears/screws
Plastic retainer screw for pinch rollers
Tape Pad Lifter
680 series rack mounts
680 series selection knobs (right panel)
HighComII rack mounts
NR-200 rack mounts
ZX-7/9 calibration knob covers
RX-202 clear tape window
Dragon Small Bias Knobs
700ZXL Transport Knobs
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